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Behind The Can - Upslope Brewing Company

The Story

In 2008, Matt Cutter, Dany Pages and Henry Wood founded Upslope Brewing Company in Boulder, CO. The three friends bonded over their love for exploring the great outdoors and aimed to create a lineup of quality brews for capping off any adventure. 

To this day, Upslope still supplies Colorado with trailhead tallboys and pow-day libations made from the freshest snowmelt, the finest hops and the purest passion for living life outdoors. The company proudly boasts the tagline “Après Everything,” which embodies the idea that their products are a hand-held tribute to all who believe playing hard should end with a quality beer that goes down easy.


Because Upslope centers their philosophy around enjoying an outdoor lifestyle, they make it a priority to invest in sustainability.

All Upslope beers and seltzers are packaged in 100% recyclable cans that are perfect for transporting the cold ones wherever the trail may take you. When it comes to water, energy and waste, the company does everything possible to leave a mark with their beer and not their footprint.

In addition to internal efforts, Upslope also has several pivotal partnerships with organizations like the Trout Unlimited, Leave No Trace, Protect Our Winters and many other philanthropic organizations making a difference. This enables the company to truly live their values in real time with a mindful eye on their environmental impact.

About: Upslope’s Electrolyte Series is a collaboration with Boulder-based sports nutrition company Skratch Labs. Upslope infuses their original hard seltzer recipe with Skratch Labs’ Sport Hydration Drink Mix.  The drink delivers a light, refreshing taste with an added element of hydration.

Flavors: Passionfruit & Mango, Grapefruit & Hops, Peach Lemonade

ABV: 5%

Pairings: Sunny days and your favorite outdoor activity!

Molly's Staff Thoughts - Emma's Pick

“When picking out a seltzer for the holiday weekend, the Spiked Snowmelt Electrolyte Series seems like a no brainer. It’s been my go-to drink all summer for fueling my active lifestyle and thirst for adventure. The electrolytes pack a hydrating punch so that I can stay energized all day long while hiking, trail running or exploring wherever the weekend takes me. Imagine your favorite sports drink and spiked seltzer had a child, that is the what the Snowmelt Electrolyte Series delivers along with an exceptionally refreshing and fruity taste!

P.S. The Grapefruit & Hops flavor is my favorite 😎”

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Find out more about Upslope Brewing Company here.

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