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Tequila Ocho

Behind The Agave

The Story

The Tequila Ocho story begins with the Camarena family, who started making tequila in 1937 and are now in their third generation as tequila producers. This family is one of the few that still make tequila in the slow, artisanal way. They make sure to not rush any part of the process, from the growth of the agave to the final distillation.

The Camarena family also produces their tequila exclusively from agave harvested in their own fields, a fact that few other producers can claim. Because the production is small-batch and carefully done, the heart and passion of the Camarenas’ Mexican soul is in each drop of their tequila. The family has only ever made 100% agave tequila.

Why “Ocho”?

  • Tequila Ocho is made from the eighth sample created by the Camarenas for Tomas Estes.
  • It takes an average of eight years for the agaves to ripen before they are ready for harvest.
  • It takes about eight kilograms of agave to make one liter of Ocho tequila – very high compared to the industry average.
  • It takes eight days from when the agaves reach the patio at the distillery until it becomes blanco (un-aged) tequila.
  • Carlos Camarena has eight brothers and sisters.
  • The Camarenas are in their eighth decade of producing tequila.
  • Ocho Reposado is aged for 8 weeks and 8 days.

Product Recommendation - Tequila Ocho Plata


Agave: 100% Blue Weber Agave

ABV: 40%

Nose: Cooked agave, citrus, black pepper, earth and grass.

Taste: Cooked agave, black pepper, mint, tropical fruit, very fresh with hints of earth.

Pairings: Fresh salads and seafood dishes.

Molly's Staff Thoughts - Raul's Pick

“This tequila is one of my favorites. Every year, a new expression comes from harvesting agave from different single fields. This particular year features an incredibly unique blend of flavors that are not typical with the average highland-style tequila. When tasting, you will experience smooth, warm, earthy peppery notes along with classic highland tropical notes and the sweet aroma of dried pear. Tequila Ocho Plata is one to add to your high-end tequila collection.”

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Find out more about Tequila Ocho here.

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