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3 Advanced Cocktail Techniques To Try This Week

We’re bringing you the low down some of our favorite advanced cocktail techniques. Try these if you’re looking for a challenge or want to woo over some guests. Nothing says fancy like a well-made cocktail with a show!


The perfect clarified cocktail doesn’t does exist, and it’s made possible with this technique. Milk-washing is the process of adding milk to the acidic base of a cocktail which results in a “clear” and smooth drink removed of harsh flavors.

Here’s a video on all things milk-washing if you’re intrigued.

Flaming a Peel

This technique is perfect for when you’re trying to put on a show. A burst of flame behind the bar is sure to turn heads and spark conversation. Behind the spectacular nature of this trick, there is also value in its effect on flavor. The flame lightly caramelizes the orange peel’s oil, which creates a subtle sweetness.


Looking to try it out? This video will break down the basics on playing with fire behind the bar.


Advanced Cocktail technique image

Smoking a Cocktail

Another way to add some showmanship to happy hour is through smoking a cocktail. This technique is a great way to liven up a basic cocktail with some extra flare. (Did someone say photo op?!) Infusing smoke also provides a unique dryness that creates an exciting sensory experience.

Here’s a video for how to dabble or dive right into smoking a cocktail.


Best of luck adding these techniques to your bartending bag of tricks. Let us know which ones you’ve mastered and which ones could use some work. Be patient, and remember that practice makes perfect!

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